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Thank You Rotary After Hours!

On Thursday, April 28, four members of Rotary After Hours of La Crosse joined 3 members of Friends of the Blufflands on Zoerb Prairie for a work event. And what amazing workers they were! We were able to accomplish a lot in just a few hours expanding Zoerb Prairie on the upper east along Birch Trail. As many may have noticed, Zoerb, as well as Lookout Prairie, both quite obvious from Bliss road, have undergone significant restoration and expansion over the last few years with brush and invasive species cleared from the central, intact prairie and large buffers formed around the prairies into which they can expand. This has allowed the conservation value of these prairies to expand as well helping the many plant and animal species that depend on this habitat. It has been a lot of work by many who have contributed, and it is groups like Rotary After Hours that have made this progress possible. A big thanks to them and everyone else who has helped! But, there is still a lot to be done on these and other prairies on our bluffs. We will continue to have periodic work events through the year. If interested in volunteering, please let us know by contacting us through this website.

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