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Seeding the Savanna

It was recently decided not to burn Lookout Savanna this fall or winter due to lack of fuel, so on October 19th seed was dispersed. This consisted of Virginia wild rye, slender wheat grass, silky wild rye, tall thistle, sweet Joe-Pye weed, and yellow pimpernel all obtained from Prairie Moon Nursery. We hope these grasses, along with oak leaves from the remaining trees, as well as grasses moving down from the prairie above, will provide enough fuel for a fire in the coming year or two. And, we hope the savanna begins to take shape with these new plants adding diversity to the figwort, poke milkweed, elm-leaved goldenrod and other plants that have already been seen growing there, providing color and beauty as well as a better variety of food for the many insects and other critters that will begin to move into this new habitat! Viva la Savanna!

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