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Burning Brush Piles

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Every year when there is snow on the ground, we burn brush piles that were made earlier in the year. These piles are made up primarily of buckthorn, honeysuckle, and logs from trees taken down to expand the prairies. Some of the piles burn quickly, but those with large logs take a lot longer to burn. This year our first outing was on Zoerb Prairie on January 3rd and was a big success with 10 piles burned due to the outstanding group of volunteers who participated. In addition to some of our regular volunteers, a large part of the group was from the UWL Students for Sustainability. Here is a photo of these students:

From left to right, Emma, Emilie, Jake, Thana, Ben, and Dylan.

The total number of volunteers came to 14! Thanks to everyone!

We have several more brush piles to burn this winter on Zoerb and other prairies, and anticipate more burn days coming up soon. We will start posting the work days on the Events Page on this website as well, so check that out periodically. Any help would be most welcome. If anyone else is interested in volunteering and hasn’t been included in recent invitations by email, please contact us on the Contact tab and leave your name and email address. Thanks!

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